[thelist] DSL & Home Networking Q

Salvatore Palmisano spalmisano at usaiss.com
Fri May 18 12:46:48 CDT 2001

Basic setup:

NIC in each machine
DSL Router/Modem
Category 5 cabling

Computers get plugged into the hub, router/modem gets plugged into the hub
(all via cat5 cable).
DSL-Specific setup is provided by the ISP (DNS info, IP addressing, gateway
info), but speak up if you need a hand any of the network addressing stuff.

Check with http://www.dslreports.com for more information about whats
available, dsl tools/tweaks, et cetera.


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What am I gonna be needin' here folks?   A router?   NIC cards?   Cabling?
Other junk?

Any links for 'step-by-step' instructions to home DSL networking for the



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