[thelist] Which way should I go?

l a u r a *^* l y n c h cyberminkie at cyberwhirled.com
Fri May 18 15:44:54 CDT 2001

So, I quit the job with the people who wanted the evil frames (not that all 
frames are evil, but these in particular were). I know, I know -- I shoulda 
waited until I had something else lined up, but it got to a point (not just 
because of the frames thing) where I just couldn't take it anymore. ANYhoo, 
here's my question: I'm reasonably happy with my online portfolio/resume 
design, but it has a menu feature that could be (but isn't now) done in 
DHTML. I didn't originally code it in DHTML because of compatibility 
problems; however, what with browser improvements and so forth, I know that 
it could be coded that way now. It's completely functional the way it is, 
but I'm thinking I should maybe recode it just to prove that I can. You 
know, *because* it's my online portfolio. Thoughts?

(If you wanna take a look at what specifically I'm talking about, go to 
<http://www.cyberwhirled.com/laura> and mouse over the side bar. See where 
the submenu flips out? Right now it's just an image swap {if you mouse over 
where the submenus flip out to when they're off, you'll see that you still 
get Mr. Pointyfinger}, but it could pretty easily be done with divs/layers)

(also, this isn't the site I use when drumming up freelance work; that one 
only has lowest common denominator/gracefully degradable type features)

l a u r a *^* l y n c h
design doyen @ cyberwhirled
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Save the high tech stuff for high tech employers (or sites intended for 
high tech folks). If you want small business owners to hire you for a 
little freelance work, they'd better be able to use your site easily.

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