[thelist] CF (SQL?): query.columnlist

Joshua OIson joshua at alphashop.net
Fri May 18 17:29:51 CDT 2001

Umm.. the answer is no.  I do not believe there is a hack to get them into
the original order they were in the database.  You might be able to do it by
querying the database for the order in the sysobjects table if it has one..

Since you've gone ahead and made lists of those fields to exclude and which
are text areas, why not just make a list of those to display, and in that
specify the order?


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From: "Judah McAuley" <judah at alphashop.com>
Subject: [thelist] CF (SQL?): query.columnlist

> So, I am trying to write an "elegant" form.  i.e., I don't like typing
> alot.  I'm using Cold Fusion and querying the database to get the list of
> columns in a table.  I then loop over the list and create a form that has
> all the entries I want.  In the database, the fields are in the order I
> want to display them on the page.  Most everything works as expected, but
> the problem is that the query column list comes out in alphabetical
> order.  I'm not quite sure whether SQL is returning the list
> or wether CF is changing the sort order when it turns it into a list.
> anyone have an idea about an SQL or CF hack that will return the column
> list to me in the order I created them in the database?

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