[thelist] Which way should I go?

Brad brad at beldamar.com
Fri May 18 17:31:40 CDT 2001

Before you make a decision to convert it over to DHTML you should figure out
if the people viewing it are going to be using browsers that support it.
Like it has been said a million times before: "Who is your audience?".

Personally I would say go for DHTML. I have used DHTML menus on several
sites. Mostly computer related sites, but besides that everyone loves the
menus. Or, well, we hear from the people that love the menus. We never hear
from those that don't.

But if you have something that works for older browsers and you are happy
with it stick with it.
If you just want to show off your skills in DHTML do it as a portfolio

My $.02

Brad Miller
"Our name says it all"

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