[thelist] Apache 1.2.6 Q

Daniel J. Cody djc at starkmedia.com
Fri May 18 18:59:36 CDT 2001

Hey Jakob -

I'm fairly certain it does although I can't find any documentation on 
it.. It was a module called mod_log_agent back in 1.2(its now 
mod_log_config) so if that module isn't enabled, you wont be able to use 
it. You can find out what modules apache has loaded by typing 
/path/to/apache/bin/httpd -l

Hope that helps, shout if you have any other questions ;)


Jakob Dölling wrote:

> Morn Listers:
> Does above mentioned server log the User-Agent field? The boss of
> client's ISP keeps teeling me, that it should be possible to do so. What
> are your opinnions?

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