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Gebreselassie Johnny gebreselassie_johnny at bah.com
Fri May 18 21:49:16 CDT 2001

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I have developed a script to send an email upon form submission.  However
this script does not work in Netscape, the browser attempts to locate a
server.  It does however work in IE.  I know most of you are wondering why
am not using cgi or asp to do this, and the answer is that I would like to
operate on any server because it may have to reside on many different
servers.  ANY Tips?

var mailtoandsubject = null;
function msg() {
 document.mailer.action = "mailto:"
 mailtoandsubject = (document.mailer.email.value + '?subject=' +

<FORM NAME="mailer" METHOD="post" ACTION="" ENCTYPE="text/plain"
onSubmit="(document.mailer.action += mailtoandsubject)">
Johnny Gebreselassie

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