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Andrew Forsberg andrew at thepander.co.nz
Fri May 18 23:14:37 CDT 2001

>>>They can download ie it's free.  And you don't need to go to a website for
>>>cookies.  Theirs not that much to them, you set them, they can either be
>>>temporary or permanent, they can say anything you want thats it see the
>>>script below, and I didn't have to read a whole website for that.  With
>>>those websites you people go to you still couldn't tell me how to send an
>>>email using javascript for netscape.  So basically the way I see it is
>>Thats "you're" for future reference.
>you neglected to mention the "they're" :-)
>sorry... couldn't help myself

Or your own "that's" -- but otherwise, thank you on behalf of the 
rest of us retards who somehow manage not to kill ourselves each 
morning when we eat our muesli by sticking our spoon through our ears 
and into the brain.

<tip type="dealing with bastards">
Whether it's a client, a co-worker, or someone on a list that's a 
complete idiot and a bastard to boot -- the only way to really deal 
with the problem is to agree with them on every point except the 
single most mundane one. Sooner or later it'll sink in. In the 
meantime you'll have a nice warm feeling inside for not retaliating 
or engaging with the enemy on their terms.

In Dostoyevski's Crime and Punishment the hero is convinced he can 
outwit the law by not disputing any of the accusations, except one 
that might convict him ... thereby providing the police with no lies 
to trip him over with at a later time.

I think the ending of that novel sucked, by the way.
Andrew Forsberg

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