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deke web at master.gen.in.us
Sat May 19 04:39:49 CDT 2001

On 18 May 2001, at 22:51, Jay Fitzgerald posted a message which said:

> What browser does AOL utilize as it web interface? Where can I 
> download it to check the formatting of my sites?

There are still a few people using the old TWENG browser that AOL
owned, but most installations of AOL use MSIE as the browser. I've
seen some MSIE/2 AOL in my log files. I don't think they ever used
the MSIE/1 browser.

You cannot *completely* see what AOL users see unless you are 
behind the AOL firewall, because AOL screws around with the 

And because you can only have one version of MSIE installed on any
machine, it's quite a hassle to view sites in different versions of MSIE.


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