[thelist] Downloading .jpg & .pdf files

JTocher janice at discoverysystems.com
Sat May 19 15:57:03 CDT 2001

Seems I remember a discussion in evolt on this before, but can't seem to
find it in my message archive.
I am designing a site that will allow the user to *download* .jpg & .pdf
files directly to their hard drive. Two questions...

Question #1 - Is there anyway in straight HTML (or with a smattering of
javascript) to download the file when the appropriate link is clicked
instead of opening it in the browser? I know the file can be 'zipped' which
will download instead of open the file - was wondering if this is the only

Question #2 - Is there any way to 'override' the default download directory
set in the browser so files downloaded from this site will go into their own

Thanks in advance for your insight!


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