[thelist] Downloading .jpg & .pdf files

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Sat May 19 19:00:29 CDT 2001

> From: Rebekah Murphy <bekah at nightvisions.com>
> Janice wrote:
> > So... back to my question... any commands
> > to send that will download a .pdf/.jpg via a simple link?
> Have you thought about zipping up the files into a 
> single download? That way they will be downloaded as 
> a directory.

except that she said the .zip approach was not ideal...

she has also further specified, in this same response, that it's 
targetting IE5+ and perhaps NN6+...

it is worth noting that i doubt there is an answer that will even 
satisfy IE5 for this... keep in mind that Microsoft themselves have 
dealt with the fact that they can't even get IE/win to just grab a 
Word document *without* opening the damn thing in the browser... 
they have technotes on this... and if you visit the MS site to d/l a 
Word file, you'll notice they provide them in .zip format, along with 
instructions on how to right-click and save the file...

so, instead of offering a technological reason why you can't do this, 
i suspect that since MS can't do it with their own product is 
probably an adequate reason... at least it is for me...

good luck...

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