[thelist] remember the old whatis.com?

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Sun May 20 07:56:31 CDT 2001

as you may recall, last year the old whatis.com site was assimilated into
the generic content management system of techtarget.com

its quaint multiframe design was abandoned, but what's worse, all the urls
changed -- for example, the article "ice, jello, and liquid" had its url
changed from




this in itself isn't bad, had they bothered to include a redirect scheme
for the old urls, but they didn't -- you end up on a generic 404 page

  "WhatIs.com has recently undergone some changes
   in order to make your experience a better one. This has
   caused some addresses to change. If you're reaching this
   page from a bookmark, please update your bookmark."

i still can't get over the arrogance of that message -- they don't redirect
you to the new page, so how are you supposed to update your bookmark?  and
who says their new design makes for a "better" experience?

anyhow, my purpose for this posting was not to rant, but to let you know i
found a mirror of the old site



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