[thelist] Screen Resloution Detection.

Paola Kathuria paola at limitless.co.uk
Sun May 20 16:31:54 CDT 2001

Navin Dhanuka wrote:
> I made Vapson.com in 800x600 resolution, but my client was using 1024x768,
> while most of his target customers use 600x400.
> We finally decided to make the site for all the versions. [...]
> Is there any other way to cope up with the resolution difference problem.

Yes, umm, make sure your designs work okay on low-res monitors
but which will look best at your target resolution.

The following article has been mentioned here before but it's
worth repeating that browser width is more important than
screen resolution.

The Myth of 800x600, by James Kalbach

And, since there's no accurate or reliable browser stats out
there (i.e., that don't rely on JS, cookies, or images being
viewed, and which aren't counting robots spoofing browsers),
allowing for the smallest screen resolution seems to me to be
the best bet.

> The screen resolution detection script I found at HITBOX.com & modified it a
> bit

Ahem, I see that you also edited our their copyright notice...

Paola, with screen res of 1024x768 & browser drawing area of 600x750

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