[thelist] ColdFusion Folder Upload

Joshua OIson joshua at alphashop.net
Sun May 20 17:19:00 CDT 2001

> So then I thought that maybe the files need to come from an <input
> type="file"> field, you know, for security reasons. So then I made a


> page which would loop out several <input type="file"> fields with
> preset values, then submit the form with JavaScript
> (document.formname.submit()). Then, on the receiving end, I would loop
> through the form values and upload the files.

Security measures should keep you from prefilling file fields on a form!
Imagine the hack to prefill the file field with the filename of the standard
windows password list file!  Som pretty serious issues could be encountered!

> I'm at a loss here. Can anyone please help me. What I need, again, is
> to *upload an entire directory*.

If you want to upload an entire directory field html, you are going to have
to hand specify each and every file to upload, or some up with some
mechanism to make the http requests by hand based on a directory listing.
You could write your own program to do it, use an FTP client (that's what
they are designed to do) or just browse to each file individually and submit
a form.

> This gave an error too.

Make sure the form's enctype is correct, btw-- <form


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