[thelist] Operating Systems

AndrewPander andrew at thepander.co.nz
Mon Oct 22 00:37:38 CDT 2001

> Noop. 9.0.4. Only problem it has is that when it goes to sleep, sometimes
> won't wake up.

That's a known problem with some G4s. Mine (G4-400) suffered from it too. If
the problem is irritating enough that you want / need to fix it, try
updating to 9.21, or at least 9.1. You may also want to check your third
party PCI cards. The Initio Miles BlueNote SCSI card I have conflicts with
the 'deep' sleep that the MacOS wants to put the system into. There could
possibly be a driver update for that, or your problem, but mine is not
annoying enough for me to want to spend too much time fixing it.

Oh, and there's also that fun 'lost-mouse' bug that I haven't been able to
shake since I bought the G4. Haven't experienced it under OS X yet, but I
frequently lose mouse control after the G4 returns from sleep in any release
of OS 9. Sometimes removing the mouse from the keyboard USB hub, and
re-inserting it, helps.


Because this is starting to get way OT:
If you want to index string columns, especially those where only the first x
number of characters are likely to be significant for most purposes,
consider indexing only the leftmost x characters of the column. In MySQL the
CREATE TABLE syntax might look like this:

    ta_column CHAR(120),
    dahhh_column CHAR(180),
    INDEX (ta_column(15),dahhh_column(15))


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