[thelist] Urgent - Need help quick

Paul Backhouse paul.backhouse at 2cs.com
Mon Oct 22 06:24:48 CDT 2001

Guys and girls,

	just working on a site - basically theres a banner that is changed in an
admin tool - this includes the link - alt tag and the picture etc..

So - the idea is that wehn you click on the banner it takes you to a page
called pop.html that opens a popup window and then redirects back to a
designated url.

it works on a mac on on IE 5 but for some reason that dam code won't open it
in IE 5.5 and 6 on a pc!!! I need to sort this out - so does anyone know of
a way i can do it so it work in IE 5.5 and 6.
It has to go to a blank page which doe this (don't ask me why, its a long a
complicated answer)

the code i'm using is:

<script language="javascript">
function openpopup1(){
var popurl="default.asp"
<body onload="openpopup1()">
<script language="javascript">
top.location = 'http://www.legalit.net/';

the actual page is:

the banner is situated at the top right (it the IT Forum one not the 2cs

many thanks


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