[thelist] why don't more sites use <label> tag?

Chris Cassell chris at chriscassell.net
Mon Oct 22 08:11:41 CDT 2001

>>I can't figure out why more sites don't use the <label> tag. 
>>Google doesn't even use it.  Does <label> completely mess up some 
>>browser I haven't seen?
>I was sufficiently interested to do some testing. It turns out that 
>only Explorer does something with the LABEL tag, though presentation 
>isn't messed up in other browsers.

Actually, Mozilla and NS6 mangle the <label> tag when used with css 
of any sort. The effects range from causing the label to display 
block--even when display is set to inline, to causing the label and 
form element to not display at all, which totally defeats any 
accessibility benefits gained by using <label>


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