[thelist] here's an annoying first message..

Simon Dell simondl at epic.co.uk
Mon Oct 22 09:41:56 CDT 2001


hi folks, boys, girls, people of mixed and indeterminate gender and other 
lifeforms able to consume the data held within..

i'm simon, or "kidninjah" and i'm sorta new to the list, though i've been 
signed up to evolt for years now...

seb, one of the admin dudes, knows me pretty well, but i doubt anyone else 
does. this is just a little message to serve two purposes:
to indroduce myself to the lists (yeah, i signed up to all of 'em!)
and to check that i'm signed up ok.

cheeky, i know.. sorry :-P

so, here i am looking foraward to reading all the chatty, techie and useful 
things you all post and i hope i have something to contribute.



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