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Robert Goodyear rob_goodyear at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 22 10:11:54 CDT 2001

Hey Navin:

Instead of ripping off what appears to be a somewhat marginal implementation of a nav
system, why don't you deploy from the ever-bountiful open-source community, e.g.:


or, if you have full control of your hosting environment,


I've used the webref heirmenus about a dozen times, and it is very stable and
cross-browser happy with a few nips and tucks. Splice it with some nice preload 'n'
rollover js and it's pretty complete.

Before anyone hoillers at me for calling the Reuters implementation marginal, my
criticism is that the mouseover event doesn't hold unless you're touching the text, and
there's a lot of real estate in those pulldown rectangles that should be hot. Kinda


--- The Optimizer <chrism at puffofsmoke.net> wrote:
> Navin
> > I want to use the hier menu code (with images) at Reuters.com [this works
> > only in I.E.]
> > But I canot hack the code as when viewed by Netscape the hier menus are
> > replaced by a COMBO BOX.
> > Can any one hack this.

> 1) If you're on a windows system you will have to view the code using a text
> editor that supports files generated on a UNIX system.
> 2) You just declared intent to break international copyright law in a public
> forum.

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