[thelist] Sub Contract Work

Christopher Orth corth at nwlink.com
Mon Oct 22 14:44:41 CDT 2001

> All this hypothetical stuff and legalese is nice to talk about, but from my
> personal experience I prefer just handing the site over to the client when I
> am done.

I like to work this way as well.  The truth of the matter is that a web
designer/developer isn't going to come up with anything really ground
breaking when working on their own anyway, so I'm not worried about
retaining rights to anything.  When working in a team the dynamic is very
different and much more detail about projects has been laid out in advance
(or at least we hope so).

The only distinctions I make are around code applications I have created.  I
reserve the right to reuse any functional code I create in the site so I can
reuse it for another client later.  This is completely reasonable since you
cant really copyright code that access a database, for example.  We would
run out of possibilities right away!  The client owns all the art when I am
done and can do whatever they want with it.  In fact I assume that any web
site I hand over will almost immediately begin to change in some way.  After
all, a web site in static condition is not going to be growing or attracting
new attention so I fully expect any work I generate to be fluid to a large

Also, not being sticky about your "design" remaining unchanged really offers
up a lot of new possibilities.  Even if the client uses someone else for the
next round of work, those people/person will usually end up talking to you
somewhere during the process and the opportunity for collaborations goes up


Christopher Orth
corth at nwlink.com
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