[thelist] Error Previewing XHTML in IE5-Mac

Chris Cassell chris at chriscassell.net
Mon Oct 22 16:10:37 CDT 2001

I've had that same problem w/ IE5 mac. I think that the browser requires 
that the document be transfered via http, for some reason. If you have 
the web sharing extension installed on your machine, you can preview it 
from the web sharing folder. You just need to know your IP.


Paul Peterson wrote:

> Morbus,
> Thanks for your advice. It does work if I remove the <?xml?> line. I'm just
> leery of removing that for a preview and forgetting to add it back in, and
> it's weird that I don't have a problem with the other browsers (including
> IE4.5)!
> I'm using .html as the file extension - seems to be the same type as my
> other .html files that can be previewed.

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