[thelist] [FWD] Flash - ActionScript Rotation Properties

Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Mon Oct 22 17:25:31 CDT 2001


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From: "Emily @ De La Espada" <emily at delaespada.com>

I'm working in flash 5 and wanting to produce an interactive page where the
objects (movie clips) can be picked up placed in different places and also
rotated.  I am familiar with the start drag and stop drag commands.  However
when I want to apply a rotation to a movie clip using key commands (up down
left and right) I am only able to do this for one of the objects.  Repeating
the same commands on another movie clip stops either rotating.  Ideally I
would like the command to work when there is a rollover and key press (so as
to distinguish between the movie clips being rotated, as they need to rotate
independently) but this does not work either.

Emily Heath

De La Espada, London
emily at delaespada.com

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