[thelist] bulletin board for intranet?

Ed Shuck edshuck at noevalley.com
Mon Oct 22 21:56:29 CDT 2001

a couple of thoughts.
i worked for ibm as an advisory engineer on the call path product at rolm.
ibm had a system called profs.  pick a topic, almost any topic and it was
probably there.  but there was security as well.  management had little
groups allowed onto closed development projects.we did level 2 product
support during the field trial
now that said.  the bennie of profs was that i could go to an open forum and
ask a question and any employee in the world could reply.  at ibm that was
somewhere on the order of 350 to 450 thousand people.
i did a study of deaf/hi  (hi=hearing impaired)  we had a close assoc in
call path with the ibm voice response unit.  this would answer phones and
could do the press 1, 2 etc thing.  when i identified my interest to the
deaf/hi forum, all was good for about a week and then and then one member
called the corporate retirement group, the phone was answered by a VRU.  the
deaf employee could not hear the questions and the VRU did not respond to
the TDD.   Guess they fixed the problem, i was RIFed soon after.
i needed a more detailed description of the internal workings of a ps2
internal card.  went on the profs and got the information in a day - from
the guy who wrote the code.
But there is a lot of good information that can be exchanged.

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> We use a BBS by Snitz internally at our company and it has worked out
> great. It doesn't get as much traffic as we would like but we havent had
> any problems with it.
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> Does anyone think that a bulletin board system similar to UBB would be
> useful on a corporate intranet? I thought it could be useful so that
> users could help each other out with the programs they use and offer
> tips to each other. They could also discuss topics relating to their
> health care programs and also discuss upcoming events within the
> company.
> I'm not sure if management would let such an open forum exist and
> there's the problem of the bulletin board devolving into some kind of
> flame board with people insulting each other.
> Does anybody have a bulletin board system where they work? Do you
> experience many problems and does it require a lot of maintenance?
> tom
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