[thelist] bulletin board for intranet?

jon steele jjsteele22 at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 22 22:24:06 CDT 2001

Interesting topic.

Just a thought: could it lead to employees using someone else's
computer/ip to post flamatory topics, under someone else's name?
Because they may have access to others' computers, and if the password
is cookied...

On Internet forums, this problem does not exist.


--- Bob Davis <bobd at members.evolt.org> wrote:
> At 10:05 PM -0400 10/22/01, you wrote:
> >Does anyone think that a bulletin board system similar to UBB would
> be
> >useful on a corporate intranet?
> Yes, but there are caveats...
> >I thought it could be useful so that users could help each other out
> with
> >the programs they use and offer tips to each other. They could also
> discuss
> >topics relating to their health care programs and also discuss
> upcoming
> >events within the company.
> Yeah, that was the intention. However, it got abused.
> People kind of forgot that they weren't on the "Internet", and that 
> things weren't so anonymous any more. I had to make it moderated, log
> IP's and make it known that there were people watching and that you 
> *could* get fired for saying inappropriate stuff on there - just like
> you could if you said it in person.
> >I'm not sure if management would let such an open forum exist and
> there's
> >the problem of the bulletin board devolving into some kind of flame
> board
> >with people insulting each other.
> It was permitted - but we had to make sure that there were no abuses,
> no inappropriate stuff, nothing management could be held culpable 
> for. It was not so fun.  Creating all of the tracking stuff was kind 
> of fun though.
> >Does anybody have a bulletin board system where they work? Do you
> experience
> >many problems and does it require a lot of maintenance?
> ;)
> Maintenance was easy, but checking the posts, taking screen shots of 
> the stupid stuff people posted and reporting it (I didn't ask to be 
> the net police, but it became my job) before deleting it and sending 
> mail...that was a drag.
> bob
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