[thelist] NS4 Nested Table BG problem

Paul Backhouse paul.backhouse at 2cs.com
Tue Oct 23 04:04:12 CDT 2001

	one of the problems you will have in NS when placing background images on
tables is that NS will mess it up if you start placing pictures within these
IE etc handles it brilliently - you can have background images in tables
with text over the top and NS will be ok - but as soon as you start placing
pictures in them you'll have difficulties.

I am assuming that this is with your code. also through looking at it you
appear to have the background images followed by a bgcolor...have you fixed
the width of the background image - otherwise it will repeat - meaning you
won't be able to see the bgcoor at all.

Try just having one big table with the backgrond image of the strips and
then just nest tables in there widht a bgcolor of that blue you want.

hope this helps


ps: alternatively use divs

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Hi all,

At http://www.gnarly.f2s.com I have a number of nested tables, some with
background images, some with just bg colours. Now in IE5, Moz, and Opera5
they look great, but NS4 ignores the BGCOLOR on the most deeply nested
tables and inserts the BG image from the parent table.

Can anybody see a problem with my (dreamweaver) code? I've been messing
around with this for ages and I cant find a solution. I saw the thread
recently about how deep you can nest tables in NS4 - are mine simply too
deeply nested?

Thanks in advance,

Olly Hodgson
- www.gnarly.f2s.com -

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