[thelist] Stopping Printing in IE 5.5

Ross Lynch kernel at esatclear.ie
Tue Oct 23 10:10:12 CDT 2001

> I am trying to find a way to disable any
> and all printing using IE 5.5 on Windows
> so as to show read-only documents. It is
> not difficult to block off regions of a
> page, but I would rather stop printing
> altogether. Does anyone have any ideas?

This seems akin to the idea that you're able to stop
people saving your images from the web.

Maybe you can disable the Print option in the file
menu and disable right-clicking, but at the end of
the day anyone can switch off Javascript or find
other ways around it.

Hit CTRL-A, CTRL-C, open up Word and CTRL-V. Print.

I'd say it's a losing battle.

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