[thelist] Stopping Printing in IE 5.5

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Actually Ron is correct.  Once it's on the web any body can do what they
want.  However, the idea with security is to make things a little more
difficult for everyone, nothing being 100% fool proof, but by making it a
tad more difficult for some people to get, well.....  Anway...

However, in your question you mentioned "all printing using IE 5.5".  No
mention of copy and pasting into notepad, or any other program, etc...

This is a theory here, but it might work for your printing @ least.  Create
a separate style sheet for printing with the same content as your regular
stylesheet, and use the media attribute as shown below.  Then, change the
visiblity of every single style you have in this print style sheet
accordingly. You'd link both of them, and everytime someone prints, they'd
get a blank page.

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="print" href="print.css">

It works the reverse way for printing, so I don't see why it shouldn't.

Again, just a theory.  Would love to know if it works for you.

Good luck,

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:Not this tired subject again... If its on the web it can be stolen, if
:someone wants it bad enough, learn that lesson and save yourself a bunch of
:Ron White
:> I am trying to find a way to disable any
:> and all printing using IE 5.5 on Windows
:> so as to show read-only documents. It is
:> not difficult to block off regions of a
:> page, but I would rather stop printing
:> altogether. Does anyone have any ideas?
:This is so tilting at windmills as to be ridiculous. Your "read-only"
:document gets downloaded to their hard drive when they view the page. They
:can then do whatever they want with it...

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