[thelist] Printing Standard Pages from Web Site

Craig Saila crsaila at yahoo.ca
Tue Oct 23 13:18:26 CDT 2001

jay.blanchard at thermon.com wrote:

> to facilitate this. Has anyone created a CSS for printing that will take 
> a single web page and compress it so that it neatly fits on 8.5 x 11 
> printed pages? I have made many attempts, but to no avail. The problem, 

Not sure if you've tried creating a print-only style sheet (with the 
media set to "print"). You can use that to insert page breaks and other 
print formatting, and hide navigation elements. But it's hard to combine 
a multi-page Web piece into a single print page this way, and only works 
in some browsers.

Read the W3C's CSS spec on paged media:

A better way may be using XSLT to generate a different template from the 
raw source story. That way if it's print, you can flow all the data onto 
a page formatted by a print style sheet. If it's for the Web, you can 
break it into multipages.

See the W3C's XSL page for more info:


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