[thelist] Printing Standard Pages from Web Site

John Dowdell jdowdell at macromedia.com
Tue Oct 23 16:36:06 CDT 2001

The browsers do differ in how they handle printing.

If you'd like print-optimized pages from a web page, then one neat way is
through Flash:

The big advantage here is that you get predictable printing of things that
may not happen to be displayed on-screen... you can print a paper map from
a little "Map" button on the browser page, or print an 8.5x11 order form or

Advantages over technologies like Adobe Acrobat include the much wider
distribution of the Macromedia Flash Player, faster startup time,
transparent interface, and smaller filesizes.

There could be various ways to handle this class of problem, but the above
solution is usually a happy surprise to those who haven't seen it before.


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