[thelist] bulletin board for intranet?

Rebecca Milot-Bradford RMilot-Bradford at nsca-lift.org
Tue Oct 23 16:54:44 CDT 2001

> Does anyone think that a bulletin board system similar to 
> UBB would be useful on a corporate intranet? I thought it could be 
> useful so that users could help each other out with the programs they use
> offer tips to each other. They could also discuss topics relating to 
> their health care programs and also discuss upcoming events within the

I work for a smaller company (25 employees). What I do is build special
topics bulletin boards - such as for planning a holiday party or suggestions
for new employee benefits. The boards are popular for a week or two then
fizzle out. It is a handy way to collect ideas without a staff member having
to start a file or keep track of little scraps of paper. I don't think a
permanent BB would go over very well here, since enthusiasm wanes pretty

Best Wishes,

Rebecca Milot-Bradford
rmilot-bradford at nsca-lift.org

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