[thelist] Site Critique Please (thereformist.com)

spinhead evolt at spinhead.com
Tue Oct 23 17:07:22 CDT 2001

I like it all. Nice newspaper-like layout. Simple navigation. Like the
blurbs in the right column of each page. Easy to read on my Win2K/IE6 @

One small issue which has never been a problem before: with both 'The
Archives' and 'Notable Mentions' links, I clicked dead between the lines a
couple times before I moved up/down a hair and actually fired the link. It's
certainly not a big issue (and might just be my hand/eye coord) but it looks
like there's room to widen that column ever so slightly and keep each link
on a single line.


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> To anyone,
> Would you be so kind as to take a look at my site in progress,
> http://www.thereformist.com/test/, and provide any helpful comments? I
> especially appreciate feedback about the fonts, navigation, and layout.
> TIA very much,
> Paul
> p.s. I am aware that the subscription form doesn't work yet.

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