[thelist] Site Critique Please (thereformist.com)

Paul Peterson paul at thereformist.com
Tue Oct 23 18:42:38 CDT 2001


Thanks for your evaluation! I would appreciate clarification on a couple

> From: "Maurice Hendriks" <maurice at cwiaustralia.com.au>
> * Your main graphic's ('http://www.thereformist.com/test/images/logo.jpg' )
> colour is standing out from your BG colour. I would try to make it a similar
> colour.

I actually designed the background color to be the same as the logo,
#FEFCF1. It's not "Web safe", but it should blend on all displays except
perhaps 8-bit (256 colors). Is that what you viewed it with?

> * The location of the links in the left menubar change position slightly
> after you have clicked on one. This is because the link / non-link are
> different sizes. This jumping of menu items can be a bit annoying.

Links and their surrounding text should be the same size, but links are bold
and non-links are plain text. I could only replicate your problem once after
changing the browser text size in IE-Mac. What system/browser/settings were
you using when this happened?

Thanks again,

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