[thelist] Scroll Bars not showing up

Michael Pemberton mpember at phreaker.net
Tue Oct 23 19:10:02 CDT 2001

You could also use JS in the onLoad event and set the value of "document.height"
to the required size.  You couls even test the dimensions of you existing layers
to make sure that it is always accurate.  The same goes for "document.width".

Peter-Paul Koch wrote:

> >I have a page which is composed entirely of Divs, some of which are
> >initially hidden. In Netscape, the Scroll bars are not showing up when
> >the page loads, even though the hidden content stretches well below the
> >fold. Are there any tricks I can use to get them to show up? Is this a
> >common problem? Is there a way to force scroll bars to show up?
> This is a bug: if an absolutely positioned layer requires the browser window
> to have scrollbars, it nonetheless doesn't have any scrollbars.
> The only solution I know is adding a lot of <P>&nbsp;</P>'s to the page so
> that it is always long enough to contain the layers.
> ppk
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