[thelist] screenshot with mac

Andrew Forsberg andrew at thepander.co.nz
Tue Oct 23 20:49:42 CDT 2001

>Hey all,
>I happened to be using an old Mac with IE4.0 today and noticed a 
>serious problem on the evolt site - the entire article didn't show 
>up, but the user comments did. I'd like to take a screenshot and 
>send it in.
>Anyone can tell me how you get a screenshot using a mac?

Check that caps lock is off, then hold down: Apple + Shift + Caps Lock + 4

Let go of the keys, and then click in the window you want to capture. 
A file called 'Picture 1' will be saved on the top level of your hard 
drive. You'll probably want to convert that to a jpeg or gif.


Andrew Forsberg
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