[thelist] XML tutorials

Brad Miller brad at beldamar.com
Tue Oct 23 21:43:37 CDT 2001

Does anyone know of any really good intuitive tutorials on XML?
I am getting tired of reading about what XML is and how to write in proper

I have read up on XML101.com, WDVL.com and all it's links but need to get a
little deeper into it.
W3C has been a lot of help but it is just too hard to follow. I've done
searches on google for XML
resources and related sites but just keep seeing the same crappy
introduction to XML stuff.

I am also looking for something that might help with integrating my XML with
an Access database.

I have a book at work that I am going through which is a big help as well
but I really need some online

Any help would be appreciated.

Brad Miller

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