[thelist] OT: Layoffs at FullHouseMedia?

Schaz Stevens schaz_stevens at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 23 23:20:47 CDT 2001

>From: "stout" <pms at stoutstreet.com>
>Ahh, I forgot a tip meself
>If given advance notice of an impending layoff, take your personal stuff
>home beforehand. Saves a big hassle when security is frog-marching you down
>the stairs.

yep know that tip - the dot com I was working for earlier on this year went 
bust and I found out the day before (since they were stupid enuf to shut 
down offices one at a time ppl at one of the other offices rang me to let me 
know), so I borrowed the zip drive to take all my stuff off my puters and 
take them home and all my books etc so they couldn't say "those belong to 
the company".

A good website isn't necessarily the flashiest one, u know the ones with 
bells'n'whistles, flash intros and the like; good websites are the ones that 
tell the public what you do, how you do it and why they should pick you to 
supply a service over an above your competitors.

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