[thelist] NS 4.7 strange margins ... ?

jelle desramaults nsg_chong at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 24 02:21:23 CDT 2001

thx Malcolm, but IE does the same thing so it's not a NS problem apparently.
It's not a 7-8px border either, i'd say 3-4-5px. I think i've defined every
possible border and margin as 0, there must be a border or margin i don't
know about..

anybody else who feels confident enough, the code is at

Jelle Desramaults

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> Netscape adds  a margin of approximately 7-8 pixels on framesets. Nothing
> you cn do about it....
> except to adjust your design to accomodate for a 7-8 px "fudge" area.
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> my bad ! :) thx
> now i'm really puzzled though ...
> i've got a frames page in a popup @ http://www.sitekick.be/ima.
> If you mess around with the popup a bit (choose PC NS 4.7) . You"ll see
> the center frame has scrollbars (wich shouldn't be there). Owkay, when you
> make the popup a little bigger (till the scrollbars dissapear) and then
> it smaller bit by bit u"ll see something real funny happen.
> You can make the popup smaller and smaller untill there's a white border
> the right side and bottom side of the center frame. The border is about
> px wide (my guess), now, the funny thing is that you cant's make it any
> smaller without having the scrollbars pop up, again it seems there is a
> rather anoying little border on the document in the center frame. Any idea
> on how to get rid of it ?
> hope this makes sense to you all ... any tips/input are very much
> appreciated
> Jelle Desramaults
> www.sitekick.be

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