[thelist] Macromedia is suing Adobe?

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Wed Oct 24 07:49:25 CDT 2001

> From: "Ross Lynch" <kernel at esatclear.ie>
> > http://macweek.macworld.com/2000/09/24/092
> 8mmadobe.html
> Surely Apple were the originators of tabbed windows?

er, no... the GUI in general was not invented by Apple, that was 
actually Xerox PARC, which the team at Apple quite happily 
pilfered... *tabbed* windows, though, that's just a stylistic thing, 
since the 'windows' is the technology of the GUI... tabbed 
interfaces have been around for a while, though...

> If so, what's the difference between a tabbed window
> and a tabbed pallet?

a window, in the case of the GUI, is part of the GUI interface for the 
overall system...

a tabbed palette, as mentioned in these lawsuits, has to do with 
the features that have been assigned to the concept:
- tear off palettes
- resizing
- using one palette to represent lots of info via tabs

Adobe has specific examples of what they mean at:

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