[thelist] auction site integration

Les Lytollis les.lytollis at morse.com
Wed Oct 24 08:24:24 CDT 2001

Hi Evolters,

I am trying to build some functionality into a site built for collectors and
traders which will allow them to store or enter their account details (for,
say eBay) on their own site, which would then allow them to seamlessly
upload content from their own database (or whatever datastore) to their
auction site account without having to re-enter all the details (at, say

As an example, a collector (OK, me;)) has a hundred comics to sell which are
all stored in a mySQL database. Using his own content management system
(built in PHP), the collector would be able to select ten of these comics
and click a "publish to eBay" (or QXL, whatever) button and the comics would
be published under the seller's account on the auction site and also
displayed on his own site with a link to each auction.

Does this mean I would have to contact each site and get some sort of API,
or is it fairly trivial to template the site forms and just convert the info
from the seller's db (in XML?), passing login details along with the

Lot's of questions and fairly vague, I know - but if I can at least get some
directed questions from you guys, it will help me work out where I am going
with this.


<tip author="lez" type="php">

Never discount the usefulness of phpinfo.

If you have errors like "can't connect to tmp/sock/mysql", use it to check
that php is using the copy of php.ini that you think it is (Configuration
File (php.ini) Path).


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