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Jack Hand jackhand at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 24 12:39:18 CDT 2001


  Suggest you check eBay.  Main page.  Professional Services.
Check the ads for work to be done.  Note the prices - usually
very low.  Then, list your job and see who bids and their
qualifications.  You will probably be able to get the work
done for very, very cheap.  Personalized.  And, from companies/
individuals who have already proven themselves.

  I predict that more and more work will be done this way.


>From: April <april at farstrider.org>
>Hi all,
>I'm looking for a pre-packaged setup which will let us charge people to
>access information.  Not just a "member's only" section, but multiple pages
>and sections, each of which they have to pay to access.  After paying to
>access whichever sections they want (so, it'd need to be a shopping cart,
>too),  they would have access to that section for 30 days or a year or
>whatever we decided on.
>Has anyone ever heard of something like that?  Or know of something we
>could adapt to our needs with a light amount of coding?  Open Source would
>be lovely, but we could stomach a hefty price tag if the software was that
>good.  Any language will do, but ASP is preferable.
>(yes, I know I probably just asked for the impossible, but after the
>personnel cuts around here if we don't do it pre-packaged I don't think we
>could do it at all).

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