[thelist] Em-sizing fonts = usable on Macs? [WAS Re: Site Critique Please(thereformist.com)]

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Wed Oct 24 16:57:25 CDT 2001

> I am constantly adjusting font sizes on my browser when
> viewing sites with too-small or too-large type.

hi paul

sounds like you might want to build a user style sheet

user style sheets can override the site's

i'm on shaky ground here, not having tried this myself

can anyone else offer first-hand experience?  has anyone written user style
sheets?  do they really work as advertised, overriding the site's style
sheet?  what about the !important attribute?  does it make a difference?

> Unfortunately, the nature of the WWWBeast dictates that
> it's practically impossible to design for consistent viewing on every
> conceivable platform.

yeah, not only practically impossible, but wrong

we shouldn't even want to achieve consistent viewing

[ dons flame retardant suit ]

> So I made a choice to give greater control of my page (i.e. liquid
> design and em-sizing of fonts) to the vast majority of users.
>That, I believe, IS a happy balance.

yeppers, it shore is, at least the liquid part

for anyone who hasn't seen it, the definitive article in this arena is
aardvark's magnum opus

   Liquid Design for the Web

the screenshsots may require a bit of work on your part (not you
specifically, paul, i mean anyone interested in liquid design) but study
them carefully and you will be rewarded with a full appreciation of the art
of liquid design

> [If anyone else feels strongly about em-sizing
> one way or the other, feel free to chip in.]

as if i needed an invitation    ;o)

yes, i feel strongly about font sizing

main body text should be 1em

in other words, do not specify a font size at all for the bulk of your copy

if you really want to, it's okay to override the browser's defaults for
other text -- headings, big, small, special classes, et cetera -- and you
might as well use ems or percentages, as either method works okay


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