[thelist] Liquid Design article (was: Em-sizing fonts = usable on Macs? [WAS Re: Site Critique Please(thereformist.com)])

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Thu Oct 25 00:30:21 CDT 2001

>> for anyone who hasn't seen it, the definitive article in this arena
>> is aardvark's magnum opus
> big penguin?

heh -- sorry for the latin (again), it means "great work" or masterpiece

(opus is often used to number a composer's work, e.g. mozart's opus 23, and
the plural of opus is opera)

> ok, i have to ask... what do you mean the screenshots will require
> work on his part... too small?  poor examples?  what?

yes, too small, and no, they are excellent examples

> btw, em-sizing *does* empower the user, but the user has to know
> how to adjust the settings in his/her browser...

true, although i think that should be "and" instead of "but"

if the user does not know how to adjust font sizes, he'll see every site in
the browser's default install size (unless little nephew jimmy, who did the
install, maliciously reset it and didn't tell the user)

to me, that's still way better than the d3zign0r deciding a particular size

no offence to any designers on the list


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