[thelist] ASP Random Image/Link

Christian Anderson ckanderson at powersurfr.com
Thu Oct 25 03:34:24 CDT 2001

Hey Everyone,

I have stocked up on a LOT of images, descriptions, and links to amazon
products, and I want to put some kind of random script on my website.  I
used to have one that was Javascript that would put the image, the link, and
a small description... the only problem is that its javascript and it
requires allllllllllllllll that long code to be send to the user first, and
then their computer does the random generation business.

I want to do something similar with ASP, so its all done on the server side,
and then only the needed code is sent to the users browser.

Any ideas?  Thanks!

Christian Anderson
URL: http://www.photokyo.com

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