[thelist] External Javascript files + PHP

Andrew Forsberg andrew at thepander.co.nz
Thu Oct 25 03:56:06 CDT 2001

Cheers Daryl, I'll try that. It all sounds promising, especially 
looking into the <? ?> spaces. Still, the ob_start() buffering 
experiments I've made before sorta fell into the the http compression 
pit -- it just didn't work all that reliably for my liking.

I'll give it a go, thanks again,


>Make sure there are no spaces before the <? or after the ?>
>in foobar.php, this will force the Content-type to be text/html.
>Also be sure that the header is printed before any other output
>from the script. Another possible solution would be to use output
>buffering: http://www.php.net/manual/en/function.ob-start.php

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