[thelist] Using the computer to answer phone calls

me me at cgiguy.com
Thu Oct 25 11:38:07 CDT 2001

Have you looked at www.dialogic.com ??

They sell some really nice telephony boards.
I really like them. Its been a few years since
I've used them, but i dont remember the audio
files being very large. In fact, i remember them
actually being somewhat small. And no, they do
not store wav files. There are, if i remember
correctly, a couple of options that you can choose
when it comes to encoding formats of the audio
that ya want to store on disk. very nice boards.

Its really very fun to code these boards. They are
capable of handling any type of telephony project

answering machine
automated banking services
predictive dialing/telemarketing
fax (inbound and outbound if i remember correctly)
record voice
playback voice
detect touchtones

with these boards, you could not only build an answering
machine, but you could also program it to automatically
call your client and deliver his messages to his cell phone
or allow him to call in to pick up the messages like most
standard voice mail systems allow.

As I say, its been a few years since i have used them
but they used to cost about $300/line. eg, if you buy
a four line card its gonna set ya back about $1200+/-
They also sell single line cards.

They come with a very nice set of drivers, easily callable
via dos/windows/unix and/or c/assembler or otherwise.
most likely easy to interface with for vb coders too.

have fun.
Nuevo Laredo, Mexico

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> A client wants to enable a computer answering machine.
> I can deal with the software and hardware issues.
> My question is most of these programs use .wav files for storage.
> Aren't these rather large files and do i need to consider another
> for storage?
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