[thelist] Unsolicited, maddening feature about IE6/Win to know about

Joe Crawford jcrawford at avencom.com
Thu Oct 25 13:23:49 CDT 2001

<tip type="beware the auto-resize feature of Win IE6">
IE6 for Windows is pretty nifty. 

But one thing which is NOT nifty is the auto-resize dealy bop.

Some of us like being able to right click on an image and see the height
and width in pixels.

Example - go here:
This image is 1024 x 756 - but in all likelihood if you have a
resolution that's relatively small, IE6 has fit it in the window, and is
telling you that the Dimensions are some other number.

I find it insane that it is telling you the /viewed/ size and not the
/actual/ size of the image. On an html page, I can see a sense of what
the height and width are - but as a standalone, I think it should tell
you the actual dimensions.

How did I find this? Well, I was wondering what the default size for a
background image was - so I loaded it up, and dutifully began working on
an image that size (thinking that I could trust the numbers) - of course
when slotted into place it was screwed up.

So beware! Don't trust the numbers from a Right-Click -> Properties
unless the image is /really/ being viewed at actual size in IE6.


This drove me nuts, and I've been meaning to share it.

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