[thelist] OT: Toronto Beervolt!

Tara Cleveland taracc at home.com
Thu Oct 25 14:16:11 CDT 2001

Hey everyone,

Apologies to those on thechat for the cross-post but...

Okay, I've been inspired to seek beer by all of you British evolters.
But flying over to join you isn't an option in the next few weeks.

So... Is there anyone else in Toronto and surrounding areas up for a
beervolt in Toronto?

If so, any suggestions for where and when?

I'd suggest the Bishop and the Belcher (on Queen St. W between John St.
and Peter St.) - nice little pub - not too much loud music but the Best
Chicken Wings in the World!!!

Contact me offlist to add your suggestions.

And a tip...

<tip type="how to stay sane and work from home" author="Tara Cleveland">

First of all, separate work hours from chores, errands etc. If you must
do errands during your "work" hours, keep track of the time you spent
and make it up. If possible, get out of the house for lunch/a walk etc.
Sometimes it is very good to see other real people. Keep track of your
hours -- all of them including admin, reading evolt etc. -- and say who
the client was, and what exactly you were doing. At the end of the month
figure out how many hours you are actually spending doing billable work.
Figure out your priorities. Are you working too much/too little? Of that
working time what is billable/admin/personal time? And adjust your time
to suit your priorities (and budget).

Have fun,

Tara Cleveland

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