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Ornstein, Ian IanOrnstein at NC.SLR.com
Thu Oct 25 14:27:55 CDT 2001

you might want to try changing
  <a class="m" href="#"
</a><br><a class="m" href="#"

some browsers take that newline character and
echo it.


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Any thoughts on how to remove the spaces between each image....

.menuLabel {
  position:absolute; visibility:hidden; overflow:hidden;
  width:130px; height:20px; clip:rect(0,130,20,0); 
  margin:0px; padding:0px;

<div id='menuLabel1' class='menuLabel'>
<a href="javascript://" onmouseover="menuShow(event,1)"><img 
   src="/images/menu/1/exhibitions.gif" width=130 height=20 border=0 
   alt="" name="exhibitions"></a></div>

<div id='menuLabel2' class='menuLabel'>
<a class='ml' href="javascript://" onmouseover="menuShow(event,2)"><img 
   src="/images/menu/1/events.gif" width=130 height=20 border=0 
   alt="" name="events"></a></div>


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