[thelist] css positioning...within <td></td>

Sam-I-Am sam at sam-i-am.com
Thu Oct 25 16:00:40 CDT 2001

>  > I am trying to integrate this css positioned elements within
>  > an existing
>  > table-based layout
>  > I have tried creating a continer <div> to hold these as
>  > seperate elements w/
>  > mixed results any suggestions...

if I understand you correctly you want to "absolutely" position stuff
*relative* to your containing TD (as opposed to the 0,0 top left of the
window canvas area). 

That's a little tricky.. 
In IE if you can set 0,0 within the flow of a document by creating a div
with position:absolute .. without a top and left value. Then stuff
inside can be positioned absolutely, within this container. 
But as i recall NN4 has a completely different take on the matter, and
you're probably going to be right out of hair by the time you're done
patching together something cross browser. 


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