[thelist] Hosting Reseller Agreements

stout at stoutstreet.com stout at stoutstreet.com
Thu Oct 25 17:08:55 CDT 2001

I strongly concur with this argument. Having to chase after clients to pay for design and coding is hard enough.........
>I'm strongly of the view that the client should pay their hosting bill 
>direct, it's not the responsibility of the designer/developer to pay it 
>for them and the client to reimburse. Otherwise the client is using your 
>money and not paying interest, and the risks are yours not the client's.
>>I've been asked by a client to arrange everything to do with hosting for
>>them. They don't want to see a bill or have to figure out what transfer
>>rates are or anything remotely technical. So, my question is... does
>>anyone know of any reseller agreements that are available through a
>>swipe file. And/or does anyone have any advice for providing this type
>>of service?
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could use a job....... 

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