[thelist] Unsolicited, maddening feature about IE6/Win to know about

Nicole Parrot nicole at parrot.ca
Thu Oct 25 17:15:32 CDT 2001

You're absolutely right.. I hadn't realised that before.

on the other hand, you can wait the one second or two to get the image popup
toolbar, and force it back to its normal size.
But yeah. it's a one second wait. Feels like an eternity...

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From: "Joe Crawford" <jcrawford at avencom.com>
> Example - go here:
> http://websandiego.org/wsd_media/websandiego-wall1024.gif
> This image is 1024 x 756 - but in all likelihood if you have a
> resolution that's relatively small, IE6 has fit it in the window, and is
> telling you that the Dimensions are some other number.

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